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There was a time when you used to just hang a picture on the wall. Then came the canvas print and now its wall graphics…a vinyl tattoo for your room. A line art illustration, computer cut in a single colour and stuck directly to a wall.

It’s a great way to add a quick burst of character to a boring corner or can span your whole wall as an impressive feature. Another variation of this idea for more complicated designs, is digitally printed wallpaper. The beauty of it is, they can easily be removed …usually without marking the wall.

There is even now a material allowing graphics to be applied to exterior surfaces such as brickwork, breeze block, Stucco etc. It conforms to the texture of the surface, so is ideal for outdoor temporary advertising or architectural embellishment and requires no framing structure to be fitted to the external building wall.

Similarly, a range of floor graphic has developed that offer safe, durable non- slip films for short to long term campaigns. The special formulation ensures the graphic can withstand the rigours of pedestrian traffic but can also be removed without damaging expensive flooring.